How To Throw A Classy Bachelorette Party


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I have been dying to write this post but I had to wait until after I threw the Bachelorette party because it was a surprise. Now that the weekend is over and our party was a huge success, I’m going to share with you my secrets to planning a classy Bachelorette party.

These days there seems to be a lot of women out there dressed in too little clothing, too much make up and not enough class, and this problem becomes even worse when at a bachelorette party! I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting a bachelorette party weekend for someone very close to me. We planned this party over the course of about 4 months, but it could be done in less time if need be. So here are 5 easy steps to hosting a successful, classy bachelorette party without breaking the bank!

Now for me this was an easy task. My bride is a gemologist, so Tiffany & Co. was the perfect choice. Take the time to consider your bride’s personality, her favorite things or colors. Also take into account the groom. For example, if your bride is marrying a fireman, you could focus the theme on that. If you don’t necessarily want a theme, its a good idea to pick a color scheme so your party looks unified.
Now is also when you should decide what kind of party it is. Are you going to have one great night or make it a weekend event? When making this decision, talk to everyone involved to see what kind of budget and time everyone has for the party.

Homemade Tiffany boxes

Homemade Tiffany boxes

Now that you have chosen your theme, do some research. For my theme I researched things like the color Tiffany Blue and how to tie a Tiffany & Co. bow. (Yes there is a certain way to tie a Tiffany bow.) Start your research by going to Google, or the search engine of your choice, and simply typing in your theme. See what pops up and go from there. Another great place is Of course to use Pinterest you need a current User to send you an invite, which shouldn’t be difficult. I can almost guarantee that someone you know is on Pinterest. Also, if you haven’t yet picked a theme, you could search for that here as well.
Also take the time to research things like what restaurants and bars you want to go to. Look at hotels and their rates and discounts if you’re doing a weekend party. Once you know where you’re going, it will be easier to plan for the next step.

Tiffany blue and bow

Tiffany blue and bow

When it comes to a bachelorette party, there is a plethora of generic things you could find online, most of which are usually a combination of hot pink and some sort of animal print. If that’s your theme then you are in luck, but if not then you need to get a little creative!
Some things you need to tackle are room decor, whether it be a hotel room, a restaurant, bar, or someone’s home, your room needs to clearly echo your theme. This doesn’t have to be an expensive task, just a thoughtful one.

Our party was a weekend away with a total of 6 women, so my goal was to deck out our hotel room. Now, it can be hard to get your theme across in a hotel room because they are already professionally decorated with their own color scheme. I brought along light blue tulle, extra white satin ribbon, both clear and light blue diamond table scatter, and blue decorative picture frames.

Below are a few pictures of the decorations I made.

Door Hanger

Door Hanger

Door decorations

Door decorations

There are some simple crafts you can do to enhance the look of your party. For example, the door hanger pictured above only cost me about $1.25 to make. I bought a blank wooden door hanger from Michael’s for less than a dollar, then covered it with loose stock craft paper that matched my theme, printed the wording, taped it on and bedazzled it with a few rhinestone that can be found in the scrapbooking section. The other signs on the door are simply printed off a nice printer and layered with different papers, add a few sparkles and you’re all set. People were taking pictures of our door all weekend!

Nightstand decorations

Nightstand decorations

Bride & Co. Theme

Bride & Co. Theme

Party favors and a gift for the bride!

Party favors and a gift for the bride!

It’s also a good idea to put together a small favor for each of your party goers. The favors that I put together were a box filled with a miniature bottle of champagne, an engraved champagne flute, a blue sleeping mask, a bottle of water, matching tank tops that I made by ironing on the Bride & Co. sign, and a personalized pen and keychain.

Of course, the favor for the bride needs to be a little different. I put together a Bride tote bag and it was filled with all of the above in addition to some awesome things my co-host found online including sandals that leave an imprint of “just married” in the sand, a door hanger for the honeymoon hotel room and a book of pictures we had made from her bridal shower.


There is nothing worse than having a group of women all trying to figure out where to go or what to do next. This can make for a stressful situation, and ultimately take away attention on the bride. The best way to avoid this is to plan ahead. Take into account the places you found in your research and make the decisions of where to go ahead of time. When making decisions, take into account any special diets and allergies of your party guests.

After deciding which places you want to visit, make reservations. When making your reservations, let the people at the bar or restaurant, etc. know that you are bringing in a bachelorette party. It’s a great idea to have a list of all your reservations and places you are going, with their address and phone number, with you at all times in case there is a change of plans. Also take the time to communicate with your guests about the budget and expenses for the party to there are no surprises.

Finally, make an itinerary and share it with the rest of the group. Make sure to schedule time to get ready and also time to relax!


This is the most important step! It doesn’t have to be expensive or take too much time, just think ahead and give yourself enough time to get things done. Most of the personalized items we had were either made on our computer, like our door signs, or ordered online. I personally LOVE They are even featured on I bought a groupon for $17 which gave me $70 to spend on personalized items, which is where I got our pens and keychains. The engraved champagne flutes, I found at the thrift store and engraved each one by hand with my Dremel. They only cost me $1 each and my time.

For the tank tops, I bought shirts at Forever 21 for less than $5 each and printed on iron on paper. Once I figured out how to mirror the image to print it on the transfer paper, it was simple! We all wore matching tank tops out to breakfast. It’s nice to do something like this because when you are out it gives the bride the much deserved attention at her bachelorette party! I made sure to set her apart by putting the word Bride on the back of her shirt!

Follow these 5 steps and you are on your way to planning a wonderfully classy bachelorette party!


Penis and Engagement Rings!

Penis and Engagement Rings!

Now just because you throwing a classy party doesn’t mean you can’t have a little adult fun. We included a few of the traditional bachelorette decorations like penis straws, sparkly penis rings etc. You can have an adult sense of humor and keep your class in tact at the same time… so get to planning your awesome bachelorette party!!!


Grayson Jerome Brister


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So I officially got to meet my little man on April 11, 2013 at 1:50pm after only 6.5 hours of labor! After all of the complaining I did those last few weeks, I lucked out with a pretty easy delivery.DSC03955

We were actually scheduled to induce labor on Saturday April 13th, but plans change. I had finally given up on going into labor, I was prepared for the induction. I woke up Thursday morning to my water breaking. Since it wasn’t the dramatic scene out of a movie, it took me a few minutes to be sure it had actually broken. Thank god it had! I gave my husband a loving smacking the back and said “get up! We’re having a baby!”DSC03886

Of course this was the one time nobody wanted to answer the phone, luckily my sister-in-law answered and was happy to babysit Maddison while we went to the hospital. We were admitted to the same room where Maddison was born, we went through all the check in mumbo jumbo and just waited to have a baby. I got my epidural right when the contractions were starting to get pretty painful and for the most part it was smooth sailing after that. Then a few hours later my epidural started to wear off. They checked me and I went from 8 to 10 within about 3 contractions. What a great time for my pain medicine to wear off! They called for an anesthesiologist to come top me off with the magical medicine. It took about 10 minutes for that to kick in and then I was ready to go! After only 2 or 3 rounds of pushing, our beautiful little boy was here!DSC03878

Not to upset other women, but on top of having a pretty easy delivery, I’ve been lucky enough to have a great recovery as well. We went home from the hospital 2 days later (the day we were going to induce) and I was up cleaning the house a few days after that. Between my OCD and already having a toddler to chase around there just hasn’t been much time for relaxing.

So much has changed but here are a few realizations I have had since having Grayson:

1. I was sad about Maddison no longer being an only child, but I find joy in watching her embrace the big sister role.
2. I’m surprised at how much energy I have, and how after a night of feeding and Grayson crying, my body always finds a way to push through and get shit done!
3. I am having an easier time than I thought I would managing the two different schedules. Luckily my husband is amazing and has been a fantastic help and support.
4. I’ve still been able to find a little time for myself, which I think is SO important.
5. I am more in love with my husband than ever before. Yes, having two kids is challenging and there have been a few times of frustration, but through all of it our kids have brought us even closer together.DSC04061

I know that as they get older things will change and more challenges will arise, but I’m up for it. Being a mother is the best challenge I’ve ever been faced with and it’s amazing. It’s new every day, it keeps me on my toes and I’m happier than I’ve ever been!DSC04046

What do you find is the most challenging or rewarding part of
being a parent?DSC04070DSC04078

Toddler in Training


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There is a running joke in my house that we’ve got our daughter Maddison “well trained”. For example, after a diaper change, she throws away her own dirty diaper. When she’s done eating a snack she will run and put her dirty bowl in the dishwasher. And for some reason she loves to help me with the laundry and vacuuming. Not to sound like I’m talking about my dog, but we’ve trained her to be a pretty independent baby and it got me thinking… Parenting is all about the proper training.

One of my biggest goals as a parent is that my children be capable of taking care of themselves. This includes being able to do their laundry, to know their way around a kitchen, be able to fix a detached button on their shirt, and how to drive a stick shift. Not only that, but it applies to both boys and girls. I want my daughters to be able to check their own oil and my sons to be able to make a mean lasagna. You may say that as parents we have plenty of time to teach them all of this, but with the birth of my son, I see how quickly that time goes by. It flies by like the roadrunner being chased by Wiley coyote!

It makes me even happier knowing that we are starting our “training” so young because truthfully, now is the time to start! Why wait for your kid to be a toddler to use a utensil and feed themselves, Maddi has been using a fork since she turned one and it is such a blessing for us as parents to be able to enjoy our dinner with her instead of letting our food grow cold because we feed her first. It is also such a great feeling to watch your child actively learning to do something, it just fills my heart with such joy and pride for my kids!

So while we may be joking when we say we have Maddison “well trained”, the truth is, I hope I’m able to train all of my kids to be the independent adults they deserve to be. It’s our job as parents to prepare them as much as possible for life on their own, which is right around the corner.

Waiting to Pop


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I woke up somewhat rested today… I only made a measly 6 trips to the bathroom last night, each paired with an even more pleasant contraction. It is a pleasantly torturous circle. If you’re having pain you’re supposed to drink lots of water and lay on your left side. I drink a TON of water,which of course makes me have to pee constantly, and every time I get up to pee I have a contraction. This of course is all on top of the fact that I’ve been having Braxton Hicks Contractions for two months now. Only this last week have I been having the really good contractions, the ones that have gotten me to 1.5cm dilated.

We have our induction scheduled bright and early on April 13th, but that just means my body has 9 more days to torture me with contractions, heartburn, back pain, and the never ending need to pee! I am grateful that we are inducing considering my doctor made mention of the size of my son’s head at our last appointment. When I jokingly mentioned that my brother-in-law calls my son “The Head” (its a family thing) and my doctor simply nodded in agreement, I started to get a little scared.

I developed a case of OCD when I was pregnant with my daughter Maddison, so while other women are still getting last minute things ready during these last few weeks, I have been ready for our son’s arrival for quite some time. I’ve even accomplished most of the spring cleaning… and spring only started a few days ago. My husband pokes fun at me, but hey, at least I’m clean and prepared. So now I’ve just been trying to find ways to spend these last days of only having one child. We have gone on walks, spent more time playing outside when the weather permits, going out to dinner at different restaurants, and now we are at a local children’s play place for some good old fashioned free play. I absolutely love watching her little imagination in action when she is playing!

I am going to take advantage of these last few days of only having one child. While I know she is going to be an amazing big sister, I’m still a little sad that pretty soon I have to split my attention between the two kids. Luckily I have an amazing husband by my side to help me and give Madding the extraspecial attention she deserves during our transition from 3 to 4! I’ll do my best to keep you all updated!


Instant Craft-ification


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I’ve been having withdrawals. I admit it.

I have a huge closet full of inspiration and supplies, yet I haven’t had the time much less energy to create, and quite frankly I don’t like it. I have booked myself so full, and that paired with the obnoxious cold that has taken over my sinuses the past week has resulted in my craft anxiety at an all time high. I could feel myself slipping into a crafting rut and something had to be done. The solution?

Instant Craft-ification!

I decided that in order to reignite the fire of my craftiness, I needed a project that would give me a beginning and end all during one nap time! I found it in one of the many craft projects waiting for my expertise… Coasters. I took some 4×4 tiles, covered them in a beautiful black and white damask paper and spray painted a red heart in the center. They are unique and beautiful. Any cocktail would be proud to rest itself upon these coasters. While I originally just did 3 coats of clear gloss spray paint, I think they would look even better with a coat of resin to really make them sturdy. While I’ll finish the resin tomorrow, I was able to begin and “end” a project in a matter of hours, which really felt good.

I made a vow to my husband not to spend any more money at Joanne’s or Michael’s until I have made some significant additions to the Etsy store. (I went a little crazy over the holidays with all the amazing sales and what not!)

So this was just the beginning of a new line of items to hit the shop, and it’s all thanks to my crafty withdrawals and the need for some Instant Craft-ification!

What projects get your crafty spirit ignited?

Amazed By My Offspring


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Every day I am amazed by my daughter. Literally… every day. I know people say they grow up so fast, but you don’t truly believe that until you have kids. You think to yourself, a year is a year, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes… it’s all the same. Apparently being a parent shoots you into some alternate time zone in which all of those numbers are cut in half! At least that’s how it feels.

I often wonder how she learns new things. For example, one day Maddison randomly started wanting a napkin to wipe her face off when she is eating. Now, we teach her proper manners, but to be honest we don’t have a sit down dinner at the table every night with proper place settings and a colorful centerpiece. So where did that come from?

Like I said, she is amazing. Now that she is almost 1 1/2 years old, and since we have her baby brother due in April, we have decided to take advantage of her genius nature and try to do two things before Grayson arrives: Potty training and sleeping in her big girl bed. We already have her potty and her bed set up, it’s simply the act of teaching. Come January, she is going to start to sleep in her toddler bed, mainly because she is starting to climb on everything and I don’t want her thinking she is climbing Mt. Everest and fall out of her crib. As far as the potty training, I am still doing some research to find which method will work best. Luckily, I get to be a stay at home mom so I don’t have to worry about trying to potty train at daycare. 

Either way, the next few months are going to be a learning experience for both Maddison, and my husband and I, but I know one thing for sure. Every day I can count of that moment of amazement that comes with being a parent.

If anyone has some insight on the whole potty training fiasco, please leave me some info in the comment section at the top of this post!

Grand Opening and Nerves!


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First of all, I am so excited to say that the day has finally come to open my Etsy shop, Generation B. I am excited that all of the planning and work to get the shop open is done. Now, as I sit here at 1AM having listed my last item, the nerves are creeping in. Will the shop do well? If not, my house is going to be covered in handmade wreaths and this new baby will be completely set on burp cloths! Not to mention the 4 new products I am still working on and will be adding to the shop in the next few weeks.

Then I tell myself to just relax. Take a few cleansing breaths. I remind myself that I have an amazing support group. My husband, who is up at 1AM with me working on a stencil for a new project. My daughter Maddison, who is my inspiration every day, and Grayson, the inspiration still in my tummy. My awesome family, both mine and my in-laws, who have consistently cheered me on. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped both physically and mentally, I couldn’t have done it without you.

So here it goes, I have officially opened Generation B on Follow the link below to my shop.

You can also support my new venture by going to my Facebook Page and giving it a like!

Leave a comment below if there is an item you would like to see in the shop!

Down to the Wire


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Today marks 5 days and counting until the deadline to open my Etsy store, Generation B. I have all of my products planned out and about half of them made. With only 5 days left, my determination springs to life. Last night I hosted a birthday party for my awesome Mother-in-law, who also happens to be Diana Brister! This morning I woke up, had some snuggle/Sesame Street time with my beautiful daughter, and cleaned the entire house. Once this baby goes down for nap #1, I have to give the dog a much needed bath and then it’s on to finish everything in time!

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I work best under pressure. I think this stems from my previous career in restaurant management, where everything is on a deadline. I thrive on the stress and always seem to come out in the end feeling accomplished!

I’m excited to get my butt in gear and want to keep everyone in the loop. I will post sneak peek pictures here on my blog before the store opens!

My 3 Month Hiatus Brought Me Closer To My Toilet


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I’m sure you are sufficiently confused already by the title of this post. Allow me to explain. My 3 month hiatus is 100% the fault of our next child, who is conveniently due to join us 2 days after my birthday in April. We are so excited to welcome our son Grayson Jerome Brister into our world come spring time!

I’m also sure that the title has given you a little insight into what kind of pregnancy I have been having. I have formed a close bond with my toilet. Mostly in the morning time. We wake up together, well I should say woke up together. I have gotten past the lovely part of pregnancy where my body forcibly removes my stomach contents… that is unless I come across canned tuna or canned chicken, that is a guaranteed visit to my porcelain buddy.

Now that I have effectively grossed you out, I’d like to let you know what else I have been doing the past 3 months. My husband and I were discussing ways that I can intertwine my crafty needs into motherhood, wifeyhood, and everything else in between. My husband noticed something in me. Where others would see an old-fashioned wooden frame, I would see a modern wreath adorned with yarn and something glittery. He suggested that I open an Etsy store, and I thought it was a great idea. So for the past 3 months in between making breakfast, nap time, occasional vomiting and everything else that goes along with my day, I have been scavenging the thrift stores to find supplies to fulfill my crafty cravings. I am happy to announce that my store Generation B will open by the end of November. Just in time to purchase the perfect present for that special someone who you just haven’t been able to find anywhere else!

My blog here will still be an insight into my life, but now it will include insight into my business as well! I am excited to share this new aspect of my life with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I’ll update you with links to the store and the facebook page for the store as soon as we are up and running! Thanks for the love and support!

What Do Movies Do For You?


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Do you have a few movies that you can watch over and over? I do, to say the very least. First I have to confess to you that I have a severe addiction to the TV show FRIENDS. I have every season on DVD, and watch them almost every night while I fall asleep. Now, I have been able to cut back to spare my husband some sanity, but I will never quit FRIENDS.

Parallel to that obsession, there are a few select movies that I can watch over and over, and some even back to back.

Liar Liar
When I first saw this movie I died of laughter. Some people don’t appreciate the humor of Jim Carrey, but I think he is a comic genius, which is proven if you watch the bloopers at the end. His sense of humor is so organic and fluid. About 10 years ago I actually memorized the speech he makes to a cop when he gets pulled over, and I am proud to say that I can still recite it to this day, in one quick breath.

Sex and the City (The First One)
I used to be so judgmental of the women who watched this show, now I can’t even remember why. I love this movie. This is my go to movie when I want some romance mixed with a powerful female presence. I will admit that I have watched this movie back to back and enjoyed it both times equally! P.S. The second one was awful!

My Cousin Vinny
This movie is an absolute classic in my family. Marisa Tomei is a bombshell, especially wearing a leopard body suit in the middle of the woods! This movie is an example of when unique ideas were brought forth and made into great movies. I laugh hysterically every single time I watch it!

Morning Glory
This is my newest favorite movie. Every time I watch this movie, I feel completely inspired. Rachel McAdams is a hard-working TV producer who gets laid off from the job she has poured her heart into. She finds a new job at a shit show that pays half of her last salary. OF COURSE she saves the day along with some witty humor. Plus Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford are surprisingly hilarious together. I will be completely honest, I rented this movie and watched it 4 times in just 3 days.

Needless to say my husband thinks I am a little crazy…. and I’m not denying it. I do want to point out one thing, I am able to laugh and find enjoyment out of one resource over and over. I would much rather find pleasure in the simple things than not be able to enjoy the life in front of me.

What movies are you addicted to? What emotions do these movies evoke in you?