• A well-organized list can get all of my thoughts down without having to worry about the proper wording
  • Even a disorganized list can inspire me to get stuff done
  • A list can be written anywhere: a scrap of paper, my hand, on my phone, on my computer, etc
  • A list can inspire productivity much more than a paragraph of to do’s
  • I have a need for accomplishment and a list makes finishing a task feel so rewarding. The act of crossing off that first task can snowball into a day of productivity!
  • Lists are the perfect canvas for doodling
  • A list can be written by one person and easily understood by another
  • A list can be a motivational tool. Put a few things on the list that you automatically do each day, that way you will have crossed off a few things on the list.
  • A list is a great way to teach children a routine. Make a running list of your night-time routine and have your children cross off each task
  • Lists are easy to write, I tend to think about the next days tasks while I’m trying to go to sleep, so I write down my to do’s on my notepad app on my phone
  • Lastly, I love lists because they keep me writing