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While the idea of writing a book has long been on my bucket list, actually doing it has only recently been a possibility. After being laid off from my demanding job as the General Manager of a restaurant, I now have the time and motivation to do so. For the longest time I thought I wanted to write fiction. I have always had an overactive imagination, but I was never able to hold any motivation for fiction writing. After having my daughter Maddison, I decided that I wanted to make her baby food home-made and my husband was nothing but supportive. While I thought it would be a simple task, it turned into a very memorable process and the inspiration I needed for my book.

Feeding Maddison is the story of my decision to make my daughter’s food homemade, the recipes I used, and amazing stories that will make any new mother craze the experience. It is fueled by close friends and family that have recently had babies and are waiting for a copy of my book. As I continue to write my book I will continue to update you on the process.

Thanks for reading!