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Do you have a few movies that you can watch over and over? I do, to say the very least. First I have to confess to you that I have a severe addiction to the TV show FRIENDS. I have every season on DVD, and watch them almost every night while I fall asleep. Now, I have been able to cut back to spare my husband some sanity, but I will never quit FRIENDS.

Parallel to that obsession, there are a few select movies that I can watch over and over, and some even back to back.

Liar Liar
When I first saw this movie I died of laughter. Some people don’t appreciate the humor of Jim Carrey, but I think he is a comic genius, which is proven if you watch the bloopers at the end. His sense of humor is so organic and fluid. About 10 years ago I actually memorized the speech he makes to a cop when he gets pulled over, and I am proud to say that I can still recite it to this day, in one quick breath.

Sex and the City (The First One)
I used to be so judgmental of the women who watched this show, now I can’t even remember why. I love this movie. This is my go to movie when I want some romance mixed with a powerful female presence. I will admit that I have watched this movie back to back and enjoyed it both times equally! P.S. The second one was awful!

My Cousin Vinny
This movie is an absolute classic in my family. Marisa Tomei is a bombshell, especially wearing a leopard body suit in the middle of the woods! This movie is an example of when unique ideas were brought forth and made into great movies. I laugh hysterically every single time I watch it!

Morning Glory
This is my newest favorite movie. Every time I watch this movie, I feel completely inspired. Rachel McAdams is a hard-working TV producer who gets laid off from the job she has poured her heart into. She finds a new job at a shit show that pays half of her last salary. OF COURSE she saves the day along with some witty humor. Plus Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford are surprisingly hilarious together. I will be completely honest, I rented this movie and watched it 4 times in just 3 days.

Needless to say my husband thinks I am a little crazy…. and I’m not denying it. I do want to point out one thing, I am able to laugh and find enjoyment out of one resource over and over. I would much rather find pleasure in the simple things than not be able to enjoy the life in front of me.

What movies are you addicted to? What emotions do these movies evoke in you?