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I’m sure you are sufficiently confused already by the title of this post. Allow me to explain. My 3 month hiatus is 100% the fault of our next child, who is conveniently due to join us 2 days after my birthday in April. We are so excited to welcome our son Grayson Jerome Brister into our world come spring time!

I’m also sure that the title has given you a little insight into what kind of pregnancy I have been having. I have formed a close bond with my toilet. Mostly in the morning time. We wake up together, well I should say woke up together. I have gotten past the lovely part of pregnancy where my body forcibly removes my stomach contents… that is unless I come across canned tuna or canned chicken, that is a guaranteed visit to my porcelain buddy.

Now that I have effectively grossed you out, I’d like to let you know what else I have been doing the past 3 months. My husband and I were discussing ways that I can intertwine my crafty needs into motherhood, wifeyhood, and everything else in between. My husband noticed something in me. Where others would see an old-fashioned wooden frame, I would see a modern wreath adorned with yarn and something glittery. He suggested that I open an Etsy store, and I thought it was a great idea. So for the past 3 months in between making breakfast, nap time, occasional vomiting and everything else that goes along with my day, I have been scavenging the thrift stores to find supplies to fulfill my crafty cravings. I am happy to announce that my store Generation B will open by the end of November. Just in time to purchase the perfect present for that special someone who you just haven’t been able to find anywhere else!

My blog here will still be an insight into my life, but now it will include insight into my business as well! I am excited to share this new aspect of my life with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I’ll update you with links to the store and the facebook page for the store as soon as we are up and running! Thanks for the love and support!