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Today marks 5 days and counting until the deadline to open my Etsy store, Generation B. I have all of my products planned out and about half of them made. With only 5 days left, my determination springs to life. Last night I hosted a birthday party for my awesome Mother-in-law, who also happens to be Diana Brister! This morning I woke up, had some snuggle/Sesame Street time with my beautiful daughter, and cleaned the entire house. Once this baby goes down for nap #1, I have to give the dog a much needed bath and then it’s on to finish everything in time!

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I work best under pressure. I think this stems from my previous career in restaurant management, where everything is on a deadline. I thrive on the stress and always seem to come out in the end feeling accomplished!

I’m excited to get my butt in gear and want to keep everyone in the loop. I will post sneak peek pictures here on my blog before the store opens!