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Every day I am amazed by my daughter. Literally… every day. I know people say they grow up so fast, but you don’t truly believe that until you have kids. You think to yourself, a year is a year, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes… it’s all the same. Apparently being a parent shoots you into some alternate time zone in which all of those numbers are cut in half! At least that’s how it feels.

I often wonder how she learns new things. For example, one day Maddison randomly started wanting a napkin to wipe her face off when she is eating. Now, we teach her proper manners, but to be honest we don’t have a sit down dinner at the table every night with proper place settings and a colorful centerpiece. So where did that come from?

Like I said, she is amazing. Now that she is almost 1 1/2 years old, and since we have her baby brother due in April, we have decided to take advantage of her genius nature and try to do two things before Grayson arrives: Potty training and sleeping in her big girl bed. We already have her potty and her bed set up, it’s simply the act of teaching. Come January, she is going to start to sleep in her toddler bed, mainly because she is starting to climb on everything and I don’t want her thinking she is climbing Mt. Everest and fall out of her crib. As far as the potty training, I am still doing some research to find which method will work best. Luckily, I get to be a stay at home mom so I don’t have to worry about trying to potty train at daycare. 

Either way, the next few months are going to be a learning experience for both Maddison, and my husband and I, but I know one thing for sure. Every day I can count of that moment of amazement that comes with being a parent.

If anyone has some insight on the whole potty training fiasco, please leave me some info in the comment section at the top of this post!