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I woke up somewhat rested today… I only made a measly 6 trips to the bathroom last night, each paired with an even more pleasant contraction. It is a pleasantly torturous circle. If you’re having pain you’re supposed to drink lots of water and lay on your left side. I drink a TON of water,which of course makes me have to pee constantly, and every time I get up to pee I have a contraction. This of course is all on top of the fact that I’ve been having Braxton Hicks Contractions for two months now. Only this last week have I been having the really good contractions, the ones that have gotten me to 1.5cm dilated.

We have our induction scheduled bright and early on April 13th, but that just means my body has 9 more days to torture me with contractions, heartburn, back pain, and the never ending need to pee! I am grateful that we are inducing considering my doctor made mention of the size of my son’s head at our last appointment. When I jokingly mentioned that my brother-in-law calls my son “The Head” (its a family thing) and my doctor simply nodded in agreement, I started to get a little scared.

I developed a case of OCD when I was pregnant with my daughter Maddison, so while other women are still getting last minute things ready during these last few weeks, I have been ready for our son’s arrival for quite some time. I’ve even accomplished most of the spring cleaning… and spring only started a few days ago. My husband pokes fun at me, but hey, at least I’m clean and prepared. So now I’ve just been trying to find ways to spend these last days of only having one child. We have gone on walks, spent more time playing outside when the weather permits, going out to dinner at different restaurants, and now we are at a local children’s play place for some good old fashioned free play. I absolutely love watching her little imagination in action when she is playing!

I am going to take advantage of these last few days of only having one child. While I know she is going to be an amazing big sister, I’m still a little sad that pretty soon I have to split my attention between the two kids. Luckily I have an amazing husband by my side to help me and give Madding the extraspecial attention she deserves during our transition from 3 to 4! I’ll do my best to keep you all updated!