My husband and I are still pursuing our formal educations, but that’s not the education I am talking about here. The education you get learning life’s lessons is much more valuable, and a heck of a lot cheaper. Rather than student loans, you end up with a few heart breaks, some great memories, and hopefully you can look in the mirror and smile knowing you are right where you are supposed to be, not necessarily where you thought you would be. One constant truth is that in life, there is always a chance to educate yourself.


When I married my husband Jesse, I vowed to be his other half forever. I vowed that I would fulfill the emotional, physical, and intellectual needs that he was looking for in his relationship. I did the same thing when we had our daughter Maddison. I vowed to be a mother she would be proud of. It is my JOB to motivate her to learn, to read, to laugh every day, and to smile. I will motivate Maddison and any of our future children to live a life that they are proud of. I want my kids to see how I love my husband and them as a motivating example of happiness.


“Life is too short not to be happy.” This is one of my favorite quotes because it is simply true. I realized that when my daughter’s first birthday came in what felt like 3 weeks after her birth. We live in a world where you can explore anything, anywhere. Not only can we explore through the wonderful world of the internet, but in our front yard. I want our kids to explore the front yard armed with a pair of shoes and their imagination. That is how I grew up and my memory bank is full. Not only that, but I will always encourage my kids to explore any future they want.

There are no limitations or glass ceilings for The Brister Generation, only Education. Motivation. And Exploration………


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