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I’ve been having withdrawals. I admit it.

I have a huge closet full of inspiration and supplies, yet I haven’t had the time much less energy to create, and quite frankly I don’t like it. I have booked myself so full, and that paired with the obnoxious cold that has taken over my sinuses the past week has resulted in my craft anxiety at an all time high. I could feel myself slipping into a crafting rut and something had to be done. The solution?

Instant Craft-ification!

I decided that in order to reignite the fire of my craftiness, I needed a project that would give me a beginning and end all during one nap time! I found it in one of the many craft projects waiting for my expertise… Coasters. I took some 4×4 tiles, covered them in a beautiful black and white damask paper and spray painted a red heart in the center. They are unique and beautiful. Any cocktail would be proud to rest itself upon these coasters. While I originally just did 3 coats of clear gloss spray paint, I think they would look even better with a coat of resin to really make them sturdy. While I’ll finish the resin tomorrow, I was able to begin and “end” a project in a matter of hours, which really felt good.

I made a vow to my husband not to spend any more money at Joanne’s or Michael’s until I have made some significant additions to the Etsy store. (I went a little crazy over the holidays with all the amazing sales and what not!)

So this was just the beginning of a new line of items to hit the shop, and it’s all thanks to my crafty withdrawals and the need for some Instant Craft-ification!

What projects get your crafty spirit ignited?